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Winners Enclosure

Anne Henderson and Darren Madge our two lucky winners from the travelling fans when Aaron Connolly scored the opening goal last Sunday for the Basingstoke Bison. Another winner on the same night was Ken Cowell who correctly chose New Jersey Devils to win on the hockey card

Posted by Norma Harrop on Friday, 11/12/15
Christmas Toy Appeal

Once again the Manchester Phoenix players will be visiting Manchester Childrens Hospital to deliver toys to poorly children.

We are asking if you can buy an extra present for a child who will not be at home for Christmas. Please bring your presents to the Supporters Club desk and mark them Girl/Boy/both and state the age range appropriate. The present needs to be new and we ask that you do not bring any Teddy's or soft toys (for hygiene reasons)
If you can wrap them, that's great, but don't worry as we can do that for you.

We don't have a deadline yet but you can start bringing them from this Sunday and remember, no home game next weekend!

Many thanks :D

Posted by Mandy Johnson on Wednesday, 18/11/15
Hockey Card Winner Sunday 15 November 2015

Gary Finch, a regular contributor on the hockey card, was successful for the first time this season. Fyfe Flyers turned out to be his lucky choice on Sunday and as you can see from the smile he was very pleased with his £30.00 prize money.

Well done and thank you to all who took part.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Wednesday, 18/11/15
Sweepstake Winner Saturday 14th November 2015

Well Yvonne Oates must have some lucky Irish blood running through her veins she has been successful in drawing the name of the first goal scorer on three occasions from the last five away games. Yvonne is pictured with her winnings and niece Georgia after the “flying Fin” Nico Aaltonen scored the opening goal against the Steeldogs on Saturday in Sheffield.

Congratulations and to all who took part good luck for next time.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Wednesday, 18/11/15
Sweepstake Winners Sunday 15 November 2015

Our two successful travelling fans were Lillian Baddeley and Liz Bolderson who took part to draw the name of the player who might score the opening goal of the game. It took only 12 seconds into the third minute of the first period for Sam Bullas to score for the visiting Swindon Wildcats.

Thank you to all and good luck for next time

Posted by Norma Harrop on Wednesday, 18/11/15