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Last updated: 5/3/16
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Last updated:25/01/2016
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Last updated:07/12/2015
Amount raised so far.......

We have now updated the amount raised to date for this season. Although it has been a difficult season for all connected with the club, we should all be immensely proud of raising £17,720 to date.

We have a few fundraising events still to hold before the end of the season and we would like to thank all who have contributed to raising this amount.

Best wishes,


Posted by Neil Forrester on Saturday, 05/03/16
Thanks to your help.....

So far this season we have managed to raise just under £12,000. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. We have managed to donate £10,500 of much needed funds to the club to date.

A big thank you and well done to all.

Posted by Neil Forrester on Saturday, 23/01/16
Hockey Card winner 10th January

Our hockey card winner is certainly no stranger to anybody who watches the Phoenix on a regular basis. Debbie Whatmore was again successful when she correctly chose New York Islanders and I am seriously thinking of asking her to make my choice for the rest of the season……. :-)

Posted by Norma Harrop on Monday, 18/01/16
Sweep winners 16th and 17th January

Left is another camera shy winner who travelled to Wiltshire and was lucky to draw Aaron Nell who scored the opening goal for the Wildcats. Second lucky winner right, no stranger to Phoenix regulars, is Jim ‘Tambo’ Piper and Ales Padalek was his lucky draw when he scored the first for the Peterborough Phantoms. Both winners donated to the Supporters Club, thank you.

Congratulations and our thanks to all who took part.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Monday, 18/01/16
Sweep winners 9th and 10th January

Our two lucky game sweep winners were (left), a first time winner, Alyson Archer who won in Basingstoke when Tomas Karpov opened the scoring for the Bison. Then the following night (right), Darren Edisbury, another first time winner, when Trent Hope scored the opener for Phoenix against visitors Swindon Wildcats.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Monday, 18/01/16