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Additional statement re the ongoing Manchester Phoenix/Silverblades issues

We would like to reassure all fans, that we will do our best to give our members open and honest information regarding this unpleasant situation. The supporters club main concern through all this was to make sure that the donations that we had made to the club had been used correctly as it was intended, and that is why we moved very quickly to see the organisations accounts and evidence. As said in the statement released earlier this week, we were happy with the evidence presented to us, and we can now reassure our members that their donations and memberships have been used correctly.

The supporters club would very much like to see the evidence presented by Silverblades, and will endeavour to move forward on this, however we are all volunteers with other commitments, and finding time to get this arranged is not that easy. We have a good communication link with the Phoenix, which allowed for us to see their evidence without too much delay.

We will as always do everything we can to paint an honest picture of ice hockey in Manchester, and we want our members and fans to bear with us as we try our best to get all the evidence.

The supporters club board.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Tuesday, 21/04/15
Statement from the Supporters Club Board

With all the gossip and speculation that has been going around since Silverblades announcement last week, and in the interest of representing our members and all fans of ice hockey in Manchester, the Supporters Club approached the Manchester Phoenix Organisation towards the end of last week to try and get some answers to the accusations made against Neil Morris and the Club, and also to have a look at the financial situation of the organisation.

After discussions between both Neil and Wayne Scholes, they accepted our request, and over the weekend we were invited in to scrutinise the accounts and evidence.

Due to the sensitive nature of the clubs financial information, and also with the legal situation still ongoing regarding Silverblades accusations, we cannot go into too much detail; however we are convinced that there are no financial irregularities between the Phoenix Senior team, and the junior teams, and that there are no anomalies in the accounts of the organisation. We would like to reassure our members that the money donated by the Supporters Club over the years has been used in the manner it was intended to be. The accounts have also made it clear, that the support and donations that the Supporters Club have made over the years, does have a major impact on being able to keep the Phoenix on the ice.

We have also been shown evidence that contradicts the statements put out by Silverblades, regarding Neil turning down the ice time at the rink, and are confident that the organisation is doing its upmost to get another competitive team competing on the ice in the 2015/16 EPL.

We would like to urge all fans of the Phoenix to come together and get behind what Neil, Wayne & Tony are trying to achieve both on and off the ice.

As always, we will try and do what we can to represent you our members and fans, as well as the support of the Phoenix and of Ice Hockey in Manchester.

Supporters Club Board

Posted by Norma Harrop on Tuesday, 14/04/15
Press release from Silver Blades.

Further to allegations made by Silver Blades against the management of the Manchester Phoenix, we as a Supporters' Club feel we should make a statement regarding this matter. The allegations made are not proven and at this moment are only hearsay. The Ice Hockey Club have assured us that they will be "playing EPL ice hockey next year". We have been openly, but not directly invited to inspect certain documents in the possession of Silver Blades and should it be deemed necessary we will of course take up this invitation. The dispute between the two parties is likely to involve legal proceedings and as such it would be unwise for us to comment further at this time. We would like to reassure our members and fans of the Phoenix that we will always act in the best interest of ice hockey in Manchester and you the fans.

Posted by Neil Forrester on Tuesday, 07/04/15
March 200 Club

The draw for the 200 Club took place at last Sundays game and the March winners were

1st Prize of £100 to Norma Harrop
2nd Prize of £50 to Andrea Baldwin
3rd Prize of £25 to Cath Freeman
4th Prize of £25 to Linda Hall

Congratulations to all the above and thanks to all 200 Club members for their continued support. Don’t forget the draw will continue to take place over the summer and the results will be posted here on the website, on facebook and twitter.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Tuesday, 24/03/15
Sweets in the Jar Winner

Saturday's competition to guess the number of sweets in the jar rolled over into Sunday and was won by Lynne Barnes. Lynne is a committed supporter of all Supporters' Club fundraising efforts.

Thanks to Lynne and all who made the weekend such a success.

Posted by Neil Forrester on Tuesday, 24/03/15