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Manchester Phoenix Supporters Club

The Manchester Phoenix Supporters Club

January Player of the Month

Angie and Glenn Baldwin

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December 200 Club

Hi everyone

The 200 Club winners for the month of December are......

1st prize of £100 - Alyson Archer
2nd prize of £50 - Stephen Pagnam
3rd prize of £25 - Mickey Griffiths
4th prize of £25 - Val Walker

Thanks to all that take part and good luck for next month.

Remember the 200 club is a great way to support the Phoenix for just £2 per week. See us on Game nights or check this Website for more information

Posted by Norma Harrop on Saturday, 31/12/16
November 200 Club

Hi everyone

The 200 Club winners for the month of November are......

1st prize of £100 - Nicola Matthews
2nd prize of £50 - Norma Harrop
3rd prize of £25 - Glynn Andrew
4th prize of £25 - Julie Forrester

Thanks to all that take part and good luck for next month.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Monday, 28/11/16
The Supporters’ Club’s Season So Far……..

The Supporters’ Club’s Season So Far……..

A big thank you to all the fans who have rejoined this year, your commitment cannot be
faulted. 100% of all funds received from your membership together with any other monies
raised, go directly to the hockey club. If you have not rejoined, or have never joined,
please reconsider as this year it is vital that we support the club in their efforts to return to

We are proud to have recently handed over a cheque for £4500 and have only been able
to do this with your help and support. Last season we were able to hand over more than
£24,000 making the Supporters’ Club one of the main team sponsors.

“I would like to thank everyone on the Supporters Club for their fantastic support. You have all gone above the call of duty dedicating your time and efforts to help the Phoenix survive until we get to our new rink in Manchester.
It's much appreciated by everyone involved with the Team.”
Tony Hand

Our income comes from membership fees, the 200 Club and other fundraisers including
raffles, the first to score sweepstake, the Hockey Card, the Golden Stick, event nights and
last but not least, the ever popular Tombola. If you support any or all of the above, thank
you. For those not members of the 200 Club, for a small monthly fee, you would have the
chance of winning up to £100 of the £200 worth of prizes given away each month. This is
one of our main income streams and the more members we have, the more goes back to
our team.

The Supporters’ Club is run by fans of the hockey team and if anybody does not know who
we are:

Amanda Johnson - Club Chairperson

Mandy runs our monthly committee meetings and has been a hockey fan for many years. She can be found on the SC desk on match nights and travels with the team to most away games. Mandy also helps with the club’s social media output.

Norma Harrop - Club Secretary

Norma manages the administration of the 200 Club and edits the SC content in the programme. She also helps with the SC website and can be found at the front ticketing desk on match nights. Norma has also been a hockey fan for many years and travels to away games on the team coach.

Julie Forrester - Club Treasurer

Julie administers the club finances including giving the financial statement at the AGM. She can also be found on the SC desk on match nights and enjoys fundraising for the club. Julie has enjoyed hockey since 1995.

Yvonne Oates - Committee

Yvonne administers the away travel on the team bus. She can also be found on the SC desk on match nights. Yvonne also enjoys travelling to away games and helps with fundraising.

Nicola Matthews - Committee

Nicola helps with the social media output for the club and can also be found on the SC desk on match nights. Nicola also helps with fundraising and is a vocal supporter of the team, both home and away.

Patricia Littleford - Committee

Patricia is our newest board member and can be found at Shooters Bar on most match nights. Membership forms are available from Patricia and fans watching the game at Shooters can vote for their Player of the Month via Patricia.

We realise that playing out of Fylde Ice Arena is not ideal for a Manchester based team but
the owners and staff of the rink have done everything possible to make us welcome. We
would like to thank them for their efforts.

With your help we could soon be playing back in Manchester.

Posted by Neil Forrester on Sunday, 13/11/16
Sweepstake Winner Saturday 5th November 2016

A last minute decision to travel to Berkshire on the team coach turned out to be a successful one for Stuart Kilburn. Stuart won himself £15.00 when David Gaborcik fired the opening goal for the Bracknell Bees. By supporting the club on the away game sweep Stuart also put his winnings back into the pot by rejoining the Supporters Club.

Thank you Stuart and all who took part.

Posted by Norma Harrop on Wednesday, 09/11/16
Hockey Card Winner 23/10/16

Congratulations to Hockey Card winner Sally Sunman who won £30 when she correctly chose the Guilford Flames. Sally is a long time supporter of the Hockey Card and was well overdue a win.

Thanks to all that take part and good luck for next week.

Posted by Neil Forrester on Sunday, 06/11/16